“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.” 
― Milton H. Erickson

Monterey County's Premiere Hypnotherapy Provider

Welcome to Infinite Changes Hypnosis – providing Hypnotherapy services to the Monterey Peninsula and remotely serving the world with professional, compassionate, and modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy services via Skype.


If you suffer from stress and anxiety, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or the effects of chemotherapy, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you relieve your symptoms faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

If you want to lose weight or if you are struggling to overcome an unwanted habit, fear or phobia, you may find hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals.


Infinite Changes Hypnosis values are based on compassion and respect. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you choose Infinite Changes Hypnosis you are choosing to work with local licensed professionals who care about your individual needs and we strive to exceed all of your expectations.


We use the latest techniques in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and devise individualized programs for every client. Each session is one on one with an experienced, certified Hypnotherapist, and our Hypnotherapists are trained in the most effective, modern, professional, and advanced hypnosis techniques in the world.

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Chemotherapy Relief
Fears & Phobias
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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