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Weight Loss

You may be thinking can I really use hypnotherapy for weight loss? I mean, you have tried everything else to lose weight, right? Everyone’s history and relationship with food is unique. Perhaps your journey has just begun or maybe you’ve spent your entire life battling your own body image. Either way, I know you have decided that it’s time for a change because you want to feel better and look wonderful. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Weight Loss Essentials

You’ve probably tried dieting, shakes, programs, diet pills, personal trainers and/or exercising, and yet, the elusive goal of losing weight has slipped past. You may have even considered doing something extreme like gastric bypass or bariatric sleeve surgery. Anything to just get in shape. Perhaps you have even been like me and had a tremendous weight loss success, only to have it all creep back slowly plus a little extra for good measure. Like most of us, the combination of dieting and exercising lasted for only a short period of time because you lost your willpower and went back to your old eating habits.

When you incorporate the “Subconscious” or what Sigmund Freud later called the ‘Unconscious” mind into your weight loss strategy, it becomes a partner in your success. We often assume our “Conscious” mind is our primary decision maker, that dominant voice in our head that cheers us on, “I think I can, I think I can.” When we want to facilitate change and use our sheer force of will to gut it out, we think our conscious mind is in control. But unfortunately, science has proven that our Subconscious mind IS our dominant mind, controlling 70% of our decisions and creating a majority of your thoughts. This deeper “Unconscious” mind is the source of all our beliefs, drives and conditioned behaviors. It defines our reality and is the foundation of our self-esteem. It tells OUR “stories”. It records OUR history and forms the basis of our relationship to food and weight. It self-defines who we are.


Why have you not lost weight with diet and exercise alone?


Willpower is an insufficient tool for weight-loss. Your conscious mind, which is the source of your willpower, represents less than 10% of your operative mind power. It plans, creates strategies, updates nightly when you dream and processes a logical design to carry out your active weight loss. Unfortunately, it’s not strong enough to create your breakthrough change without constant focus, especially when your “Unconscious” mind is working day and night behind the scenes with an opposing idea concerning diets, weight loss and food.

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing sca

Most of our conditioning is thought to occur before age 7, before we are even old enough to filter what is true and not true. Old ideas and conditioning from the past may not support our current goals and instead create resistance and self-sabotage. The moment your willpower runs out, you go back to your old behavioral patterns, which are the same ones that made you gain weight in the first place. That explains why you do so well at the beginning of all your diet and exercise routines, but then end up back in the same rut.


Freeing your mind of limiting mindsets in the unconscious mind liberates other aspects of your life as well. If weight loss has been a lifelong battle, I encourage you to invest in the unique and empowering journey of hypnotherapy.

Because our habits and behaviors are located in our subconscious mind, this is the part of our mind that we must access to create real, long-lasting changes. This part of your brain runs on automatic. Whenever you are faced with a new situation, your mind — faster than the blink of an eye — goes to this same place to find information (negative and positive behavioral patterns) on how you have reacted to this same or similar situation in the past.


Here is an example: Let’s say that you have a weakness for sweets and you are out at a restaurant. You may have eaten a sensible dinner, but once the dessert cart comes by, the smells, sights, and even memories of what it’s like to bite down on your favorite dessert are automatically triggered. You begin to salivate, and in no time respond with, “I’ll take that one!”


Think back to the last scenario where you were tempted to eat that certain something that you knew didn’t fit with your weight loss goals. Remember how you suffered and mulled over eating it until you at last gave in. By the next day or so, you were already feeling bad about yourself. You know the feeling. It’s a vicious cycle.


Now that you know the mechanics of why you haven’t been able to successfully lose weight on your own, you can stop feeling guilty or angry with yourself about your weight. Now you know that there is something out there that can create the changes you want. Losing weight isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about taking control of your life!

Glasses of Water


Lose the struggle mentality, and embrace the new energy of momentum, inspired feelings, and steady change.


Bypass emotional eating as you connect instead with peaceful states.


Change your eating patterns and preferences at a deeper level of the Mind.


Release Stress, enjoy exercise


Power up your motivation


Create and act upon the powerful and compelling vision of your Future Self.


Reclaim your personal power!


Learn self hypnosis, a tool to support you in every arena of your Life


Experience a new sense of control around your food choices.


Create new habits that support your healthy lifestyle and lasting results.


Discover a new positive mindset, as your self esteem is nourished.


Hypnotherapy Program with Light & Sound therapy


Includes 5 Sessions plus AM & PM MP3's to maximize your success!  $549.00

Now your whole mind can agree to………

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