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Kristin Waters, CHt

Hello! My name is Kristin Waters, and I developed an interest in hypnosis in 2009 when I used hypnosis to stop smoking, and then in 2013 to lose 45 pounds! I even used it to overcome my fear of flying!  Hypnosis helped me see my goals clearly and gain more confidence. The use of hypnosis and subsequent success in my own life made it an easy decision to become a practitioner and allowed me to combine my love of helping people and my ongoing fascination with the power of the mind.  I have taken courses in hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and am a ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists) Certified Hypnotist, as well as Registered Hypnotherapist in Washington State.

(Credential #HP60837247)

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